In the workplace, Rosie addresses the factors that could influence a person’s performance and equips people to better handle pressure at work and develop resilience and a capacity to cope with modern working life.


Delivering talks and one-to-one coaching Rosie has seen time and again that with the right support and strategies people can find solutions to their problems, tap their limitless potential and shape their lives for the better.

About Rosie

Wellness Coach | Promoting Wellness in the Workplace

Passionate about
supporting people.

Passionate about supporting people to overcome challenges and struggles, Rosie is committed to equipping people with the tools to help them recover from overwhelm and adversity. She focuses on helping people to create positive changes in their lives. Rosie believes that with the right support people can recover from stress, trauma or burnout and rebuild their lives.  

During her 20 year career Rosie has supported, staff, patients and their relatives in two leading NHS trusts. Rosie is able to help her clients address their wellness, heal past wounds and re-build their resilience through one- to-one coaching and facilitating groups. Rosie’s approach to whole wellness is threefold balancing mind, body and spirit. 

Rosie completed her PhD at King’s College, London where she later taught both post-graduates and undergraduates. Her research interests include gender and feminist studies, with particular reference to violence and women in early Christianity. Rosie has presented at conferences around the world and has also published a number of articles, along with a book entitled, Thecla: Body Politics and Masculine Rhetoric.

Rosie has her own consultancy service advising companies on best practice for wellness, delivers talks on wellness and personal growth and operates a private coaching practice offering one-to-one coaching sessions to help clients achieve their goals.  



"Rosie provided wellness coaching for me at a difficult time and helped me get back to work and approach life in a more positive way. Her help has added to my life immeasurably and I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Elodie Harper

ITV Journalist & Author


"Rosie was in the vanguard of our Schwartz Round (Reflective Practice) project at Imperial, taking us along from facing implacable doubt in 2015 to the peak of becoming a core funded programme for staff wellbeing in our Trust in 2018. Rosie connected, prepared and facilitated open discussion amongst big NHS staff groups, shaping them into effective and safe reflective sessions. With Rosie’s help, our team achieved over 2600 attendances in three years, surely amongst the biggest Rounds projects in the UK."

Alex King

Consultant Clinical Psychologist , Psycho-oncology Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

"Rosie’s input and guidance have been invaluable and have helped me personally by clarifying my focus in my work and giving me constructive guidance in terms of developing both a short and long-term strategy in my role as Head of Service. Rosie is not afraid to engage the deeper questions of life and has a strong ethos of "journeying" with people with an empathic calmness."

Gillian Garmen

Head of Service , Private Healthcare Sector

"I have known Rosie in a professional capacity for 2 years and highly recommend her as a Wellness Coach. I have valued her insight and ability to cut through peripheral issues to main areas of concern. Her openness and skills in communication encourages people to work openly with her, helping them to improve focus and performance in their work."

Fiona Blair

BA (Hons), MSc Guidance & Counselling, Relate CC, CIW, Head of CONTACT services , Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

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